Wandersoul Co.

I would love to take a minute to shout out the *amazing* clients I get to work with.

From coaches to creative entrepreneurs to non-profits and money experts, I strive to design websites that make my clients feel confident AF about their online presence, and that strategically lead potential clients through your client journey.

Erin Neuhardt | Visibility Coach

Sammiy Slovak | Money Coach

Mars Nap | Procreate Educator

Amber Uleda | Photographer

Lady Jane Wellness | Educator

Diana P. Lang Photography

Hearts & Sol Wellness Practice

Rebel Soul Yoga Studio

Yoga With Mert

Pivot Energetics | Educator

Diana P. Lang Photography

You deserve a website you're proud of and eager to show off that helps you book your dream clients.

The As to Your Qs

The design happens in just one day but the whole process can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on your needs as a business owner.

Custom payment plans are available.

All websites are booked with a non-refundable deposit and the final payment is due prior to the build’s completion. Payment in full is required for me to  transfer the site to your hosting provider.

I encourage you to plan accordingly and book a slot well in advance to give yourself more time in between the two payments.

While I have experience on other platforms I only build self-hosted websites using WordPress and the Elementor Page Builder. I’ve done the research (so you don’t have to) and I know using these particular software offers the best options for responsivenesss and customization.

Because “I’m a badass mother who don’t take no crap off nobody!” (Cool Runnings, circa early 90’s).

No really, I’m a smart, independent, experienced web designer with over ten years building authentic relationships to nurture clients and make them feel like family.

I focus on business strategy and client experience first, I’ve never met a problem too big too handle, and I always rise to a challenge.

And you don’t have to take my word for it! See what other clients are saying here.

Nope! While my clientele lean feminine I am happy to work with any adventurous and magical soul ready to invest in done-for-you web design services. My methods don’t favor a gender and neither do I!

While I can certainly help in picking colors and fonts to capture the vibe you’re going for, I am not a branding designer. If you are in need of a full branding package I suggest hiring an expert, which I would be happy to help you source from my network of badass females who work in industries across the board.


The good news is I partner with a brand designer for projects just like yours, and we work in tandem to create a seamless process for setting up the strong new foundations of your business.

WordPress offers the most options for customization, responsiveness and overall usability for advanced business needs. You can learn more about why I work with WordPress, and how WordPress will work for you by reviewing this blog post on the topic.

I can! I offer on-going maintenance plans in three levels to suit every business owner’s needs.