Why I Won’t Develop a Website for a Business Without a Brand

I know a lot about building a brand for your business.

I know:

  • identifying your ideal client is important
  • niching down can expand your client base, not contract it
  • your brand colors and fonts should be appealing to you, but most importantly they should speak to the interests of your ideal client
  • your mission statement and values play an integral part
  • your brand voice should be reflected in your copy
  • recognizability across platforms is key

I know a lot about building a brand for your business, but I am not a branding expert, and therefore I will not develop a website for a business without a brand simply because it is not the most effective strategy for growing your online business.

When I build a website I am not checking boxes on a clipboard, or ticking off tasks from a boring list. Each design I am a part of is a collaborative effort to work towards a common goal — driving results online and crushing the competition by speaking directly to your ideal clients, utilizing an easy to navigate website with clear and well-thought-out content. I don’t over-promise and I won’t take your money to make a sale if we’re not the right fit or if your business isn’t in the best place to strategically plan and implement a new web design.

What am I an expert in?

  • Client Experience
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Making sure your clients are never left wondering what comes next
  • Designing unique and custom websites
  • Utilizing the resources at my fingertips to find solutions to all your problems

When we work together I stick to my zone of genius (tech and web design), you stick to yours (revenue-generating activities in your business) and we let experts fill in where neither of us has the correct skillset to be efficient, effective and get the job done. I have a network of badass women who have honed their skills over years in their own respective businesses and together we’ll connect you with the best and brightest to make sure your website gets the full attention it needs, from branding to copy to graphics to design and everything in between.

Ready to take the next steps towards building the website of your dreams that converts casual browsers to committed clients? Let’s hop on a free strategy session today and discuss how we can take your business to the next level, working together and connecting you with the right experts to uplevel your online business today.


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