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I’m Christina Marie Anderson, Owner of Wandersoul Co and I’m SO glad you’re here.

I thrive on helping entrepreneurs like you stop DIY-ing the tech and systems you hate dealing with, perfect your systems so that your business works even when you aren’t, and providing a dash of fresh perspective with a heaping of accountability so that you can reach your goals.

I believe in community over competition, offering customized support that meets you exactly where you’re at, and treating you like family (for better or for worse 😉)

I want to take this moment to welcome you to the Wandersoul Community. It truly is a pleasure to add your energy to the group of inspired + passionate entrepreneurs I get to work with. I couldn’t do what I do without you, and I’m thankful that you’re joining this journey.

I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together.

With Gratitude,
Christina Marie Anderson

What to Expect

My office hours are Monday through Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm EST, unless otherwise noted. Outside of our scheduled time block I check my email twice each day — once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

The best way to reach me directly is to email [email protected]. I strive to respond to all inquiries from current clients within 24 hours, if not sooner.

Alternatively my calendar is up to date and you can always schedule a time using this link: https://wandersoulco.com/coffee-chat


We are not saving lives. In our line of business there is rarely an emergency. While rush jobs are available, a 50% rush fee will be assessed, and clients for whom everything is a rush job will find it tough it make it onto my schedule consistently.

Weekly Progress Reports

I strive to connect with my clients weekly for check-ins and follow ups on work accomplished. No matter the project we’re working on, you can expect to hear from me consistently as we plan, execute and maintain.


On certain occasions it may be necessary for me to utilize a subcontractor to most effectively + efficiently complete your work. I have a trusted team of loyal contractors who I have personally vetted and who I know will complete your work to the highest standards I require.

Payments and Billing

All services are expected to be paid in full unless otherwise discussed, on the first of each month, through the invoice link I'll send. I use Stripe as a payment processor and can accept ACH transfers as well as credit card payments. All plans require a three month retainer and require 30 day's written notice to terminate services.


Referrals are my favorite way to gain new business; when the prospect comes to the call we already have a mutual connection that helps us build the authentic bonds I crave in my working relationships. Make sure you let me know when you send someone my way and I'll send you a special treat if we end up working together.

Frequently Asked Questions

My typical turnaround time for a website is between four and six weeks.

That being said, the final timeline of any project is based on how quickly we work together to gather the necessary materials, make revisions and finalize the site.

Once I know more about your project I’ll be able to provide you with a more specific timeline.

You’ll be in charge of purchasing your domain, and you will have the option to retain hosting services with my preferred provider or on your own.

As part of the build process you’ll gain access to my premium Elementor Pro license. The Elementor Pro license is included as part of my monthly maintenance plan, or you can elect to purchase a license for yourself. Explore Elementor’s pricing here.

WordPress websites require monitoring and updates on a regular basis. I always recommend my clients purchase a care plan ($97) with a pro to protect the investment from any malicious cyber attacks.

Great question! There are a lot of hosting providers out there and it can be so difficult to know what’s the best option for your business.

First and foremost, you can choose to host your site with me here at Wandersoul Co. If you are looking for the easiest possible option, this is it.

Hosting with Wandersoul Co requires my maintenance plan.

If you’re looking to host your website yourself, I also have recommendations. Prior to creating an account with WordKeeper I was in the habit of hosting with Siteground. I loved the ease of use and helpful tech support — they have saved me from more than one major problem.

If you’d like to sign up for Siteground you can use my affiliate link. It’ll get you a sweet discount and I’ll get some free hosting in return — and I only ever share affiliate links for products I’ve tried and tested myself.

As with most things, you get what you pay for. I do not recommend GoDaddy (see their recent data breach if you need convincing).

Purchasing a domain can be done in a few ways. Frequently you can purchase your domain directly from your host, as is the case with Siteground.

There is some room for debate on whether this it’s best practice to have the two in the same place, but most of my clients choose this so they don’t have to keep track of yet another username and password combo.

If you would prefer to err on the side of caution I recommend purchasing your domain from namecheap.com

As of January 2022 all monthly retainer clients will be charged a set, agreed upon fee on the 1st of the month (or the next closest business day), every month. Hours included in the package do not roll over from month to month. This includes hours missed based on holidays or vacations taken by either party. Certain exceptions may be granted in extreme situations on a case-by-case basis.

Website Care plan hours do not roll over.

I completely understand!

Trying out any new technology can certainly feel overwhelming but I want you to know that I am here to support you, not just now, but into the future.

I offer paid maintenance plans if you want total peace of mind, but I also want you to know that my inbox is always open to you — regardless of whether you continue on my maintenance plan — to support you and your business. This may include free advice or future paid support.

Generally speaking I like to complete one project before starting another or adding a new scope to the current project.

By focusing on one project at a time I can best manage all the moving parts and deliver the goods on our agreed upon timeline.

On a case-by-case basis additions can be discussed for an additional fee.

Our journey together is going to be an amazing one, and I can't wait to see what we accomplish together. If at any time you find you need to speak to me outside of the established communication channels + meetings, please don't hesitate to schedule a time on my calendar to talk over Zoom.

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Christina @ Wandersoul Co

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