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“I did my research. I had about five interviews with other website creators, and I decided to go with Wandersoul Co. because Christina understood my vision and was very clear on what the next steps were if I moved on with her services.”

Transforming Sales Processes: Creating a Luxury Client Experience While Qualifying Leads

Table of Contents

I’ve always been an advocate for getting someone on a call at the earliest opportunity. I learned the value of this during my tenure as a group sales manager in Vail, Colorado, organizing large wedding transportation. Getting on a call and understanding the problems of a client helped in crafting solutions that could turn into profitable projects.

However, a realization dawned upon me post-rebranding and rebuilding my website. The leads were not as promising as I hoped for. The consumer behavior reflected a lack of interest in exploring all the details available on the website, and there seemed to be an underlying reluctance to get on a call. The intimidation and lack of trust were palpable, and I knew changes were imminent.

Streamlining Information and Lowering Barriers

The objective was clear: make the “book a call” action less intimidating and ensure leads are well-informed before they engage. The initial process was revised to include a candidly worded page that shed light on why this interaction is crucial, followed by a simple form requiring basic information.

This gave me the opportunity to do a bit of research on the leads, allowing me to discern if they align with my target clientele—impactful female founders. Subsequently, the leads are directed to a pricing guide offering a concise overview of services and costs.

Cultivating Informed Decisions and Client Relationships

The newly devised process aims to give potential clients a clear and concise picture of what is being offered and at what price. It serves busy business owners by presenting information in an easily digestible manner, thereby facilitating well-informed decisions. This structure hopes to eliminate ambiguity and foster a mutual understanding of expectations even before the first call is made.

Opening Doors by Closing Some

The conventional wisdom might suggest that adding extra steps could be a hindrance. But, in reality, it filters out the unqualified leads, opening up spaces for more suitable opportunities. This refined process not only reflects the quality and value of my work but also acts as a catalyst in building a relationship with clients who see the worth in what is being offered. It’s about aligning the visions and expectations to move several steps closer to closing a deal.

Embracing Change to Improve Client Interaction

If there’s one takeaway from the transformation in my sales process, it’s the revelation that narrowing the focus and saying no, or disqualifying leads that do not align with your vision, creates room for more meaningful opportunities. The new sales process is a reflection of who I am, what I offer, and the value of my work. It’s about mutual respect, understanding, and a shared vision.


At Wandersoul Co, our mission goes beyond crafting visually pleasing, high-performing websites. It’s about empowering female entrepreneurs, helping them elevate their client experiences, and leading them to make well-informed decisions. The journey of refining our sales process is a testament to our commitment to transparency, quality, and a shared vision. Our approach is aimed at inspiring and empowering female business owners to scale new heights while maintaining their unique essence and freedom.

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Simple, boring and difficult to use websites are a thing of the past.

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