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Why I Won’t Develop a Website for a Business Without a Brand

I know a lot about building a brand for your business. I know: identifying your ideal client is important niching down can expand your client base, not contract it your brand colors and fonts should be appealing to you, but most importantly they should speak to the interests of your ideal client your mission statement

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Tech Shortcuts: How to Use the ‘F’ Keys on Your Keyboard

Being a web designer working with entrepreneurs and small businesses who may not have had a web presence in the past means that I wear a lot of hats. I’ll never design your website and hand it off with an “okay this is your problem now” attitude. I collaborate with my clients from start to

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Branding: Wandersoul’s Very Own

Recently I’ve spoken up about branding, colors, fonts and how to make decisions regarding these elements for your business. What I haven’t mentioned is that I worked on my own branding, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve certainly seen my recent posts in the Blast Your Brand challenge from @ktpbrandstudio wrapping up what

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Getting Started: Choosing a Color Palette

The good news in 2020 is that everything is getting easier to DIY, if you have the time, that is. My most basic web design packages offer a chance for budding entrepreneurs on a budget to DIY a portion of their build, while I take on the heavy lifting of putting all the pieces together.

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Building Authentic Client Relationships

Yesterday I told a client there was a good chance she didn’t need my services. I wasn’t sales-y and I didn’t tell her what she wanted to hear; I told her what I knew to be true: a website is not in-and-of-itself a strategy. A website is rarely the first place a potential client is

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Getting Started: What You Need to Build an Effective Website

Clients frequently show at my web design doorstep without a clear idea of where my web design services begin, and how to build an effective website, so I want to clarify what my services are, how I can help, and what you need to effectively leverage a website for your business. What is a website?

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I love to incorporate user content into my blog. If there’s a tech topic you’ve been struggling with let me tackle it and report back!

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