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Whether you’re looking to fill up your roster of podcast guests for your upcoming season, hosting a course or mastermind where your students will need to know how to make their website work for them, or have put together a retreat where a web design expert would make the perfect speaker, I’m here to lend my expertise to your audience — and I’d love to hear what you’re cooking up!

My Favorite Topics Include:

Website Strategy

How to transform your site into a high-performing, 24/7 sales machine.

Client Experience

How to craft a seamless client journey that keeps them coming back for more.

Universe Building

How to create a cohesive brand universe that immerses and captivates.

Tools & Tech

How to choose the right tools to streamline and automate sales and marketing.


Hey! I'm Christina -

I work with female community leaders and educators to help them transition away from 1:1 work  and build a website that supports passive income for their most popular offers.

WordPress and Elementor Pro are my tools of choice, and I have a background in luxury client experience that expands my knowledge beyond coding to the strategies and choices that most benefit website conversion.


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Christina @ Wandersoul Co

I'd love to hear from you! 😍