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Tired of battling your website?

You know that feeling of exhaustion after pouring your heart into your website – only to realize it doesn’t truly reflect the magic of your unique business? And those horror stories of fellow entrepreneurs left disappointed by developers who just don’t get you?

Don’t worry! At Wandersoul Co, I’m on a mission to change all that, and help you flourish online.

Say Hello to Your Stunning, High-Performing WordPress Website

Tired of settling for mediocrity? Together, we’ll craft a gorgeous, responsive, and super speedy WordPress website that’s tailor-made for your brand. With a careful balance of quality, performance, and style, you can rest easy knowing your site is working hard to bring you valuable conversions.

So go ahead, focus on soaring to new heights. Leave the website stuff to us.

Consulting for Web Designers

Are you a web designer or creative entrepreneur feeling overwhelmed, underpaid, and on the verge of burnout?

Trust me, I’ve been there too, and I know it’s not easy

That’s why I created my consulting services, specifically tailored to help you set boundaries, regain balance, and reclaim control in your life and business.

You can anticipate:

  • Accountability: It’s no secret – we all need a hand in staying focused on our goals, be it in business or personal space. With regular check-ins and nudge-worthy reminders, we’re here to ensure you remain on course with your priorities – and above all, prioritize your well-being!
  • One-on-one calls: Nothing quite beats the impact of genuine conversations in our increasingly digital era. Together, we’ll schedule one-on-one calls to unravel your challenges and outline tailored strategies to streamline both your work life and personal life.
  • Industry expertise: As your fellow creative mavericks, we’re familiar with the unique roadblocks web designers encounter. Leverage our real-life experience to craft a foolproof plan for revamping your workflow, sharpening your skills, and reinvigorating your creativity.
  • A sounding board for your ideas: Creative problem-solving thrives when you have a like-minded collaborator to bounce ideas off. Count on us to be your go-to sidekick, providing honest feedback, valuable criticism, and indispensable cheerleading, so your stellar ideas can soar without getting entangled in the process.

Ready for a transformative partnership that puts you first?

Let my consulting services give your brilliant ideas the stage they deserve and guide you to a less stressed, more rewarding creative journey.

Education for Web Designers

Sometimes it’s nice to put in text just to get an idea of how text will fill in a space on your website.

Traditionally our industry has used Lorem Ipsum, which is placeholder text written in Latin. Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with Lorem Ipsum and that can lead to confusion. I can’t tell you how many times clients have asked me why their website is in another language!

There are other placeholder text alternatives like Hipster Ipsum, Zombie Ipsum, Bacon Ipsum, and many more. While often hilarious, these placeholder passages can also lead to much of the same confusion.

White Label Web Development

Wandersoul Co is actively building partnerships with designers and creative agencies who no longer want to fight with hosting, developing and maintaining websites for your clients on your own.

Why team up with Wandersoul Co?

Prioritize Your Passions: Say goodbye to stressful website management! Partnering with Wandersoul Co allows you to channel that energy into what you truly love—creating beautiful designs and nurturing relationships with your clients.

Elevate Your Business: Your unique talents and creative vision deserve to shine! We’ll provide the technical expertise to augment your work, reaching new heights in your industry (and beyond).

Grow Confidently: As a female founder or freelancer, you know there’s strength in numbers. With Wandersoul Co on your side, you’ll never have to worry about going it alone.

The Art of Satisfaction

Raving Reviews from Happy Clients

"Like a dream come true!"

I have gotten SO many compliments on my site! I am so proud to finally feel and look professional and polished, it gives me more confidence to share my website to potential clients. Plus, Christina’s communication was awesome. I was never, not once, left guessing what was happening, or what was coming next. I LOVE that! Christina was also very professional, yet relatable and listened to every thing I had to say.

Kathy Howard
Kathy Howard Photography
"I'm so in love with my website!"

My favorite part was working with Christina. She kept me on task, talked me down when I was feeling overwhelmed, and gave me the confidence I needed to continue on. She is more than a web designer, she is in it for all the layers that go into starting a business.

Delinda Laginess
The Holistic Hipster

I make WordPress Website Design fast, simple & approachable for Creative Female-led Businesses