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Best Website Font Pairings: 5 Pairings You Can Use Today

I knew that starting a business wasn’t going to be a piece of cake, but when I first started Wandersoul Co. back in March of 2020 I truly didn’t know all the intricate decisions I would have to make as a small business owner like how to figure out what are the best website font

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Setting Boundaries: One Way to Stop Taking Sh*t from Your Clients

Tell it to me straight: do your clients repeatedly break through the boundaries you set, like Fred and George Weasley sneaking into the Forbidden Forest? This has been a hot topic lately with so many of my clients. Setting boundaries is hard, getting your clients to stick to them can be even more difficult. And

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How WordPress Works: 3 Reasons It’s the Only Choice for You

While I’ve spoken about this before, I think it’s important to start an article about how WordPress works with a disclaimer highlighting the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. In all reality I don’t know why WordPress couldn’t come up with a catchier, easier way to differentiate between the two platforms. (Has anyone ever asked them?

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