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Q3 Roundup + Q4 Focus

I am here today to talk to you about quarter three and quarter four and what went right, what went wrong in quarter three and how we’re going to change things up in quarter four to make sure that I am setting myself up for success for the end of the year, but also heading into 2024 on the right foot.

So if you are new around here, thank you so much again for joining. Um, I like to go through a couple of different steps in these videos. Usually I start out by talking about what’s going on with me and my business, what I’m seeing. Then I talk about what I’m doing to fix it in my business or what I’m changing to see different results.

And then I give you a couple of thoughts that you can think about yourself to make sure that your own business is aligned with where you want to go. So today I’m going to talk about my focus for Q4. Then I’m going to talk a little bit more about my content strategy and why that is what I’m leaning into this quarter and all of the different places that you’re going to be able to find me online.

And then I’m going to finish this up with a few questions that you can ask yourself to get the most out of Q4 and head into 2024 very, very strong in your business.

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