Wandersoul Co.

You're here because you can't do this by yourself anymore.

What if I could take the tedious work off your hands, and we could create scalable magic within your business?

Imagine for a moment...

You have a chance to breathe. Your mornings are less stressful because you know your business is automated, leads are nurtured whether you check your email or not, and your clients are never left wondering what comes next. You have a chance to step into the she-E-O role at your company and focus on money-generating tasks in your business that only you can accomplish.

You have your sanity back, you have your freedom, and, most importantly, your business is thriving.

You're in the right place if:

You’re a visionary + thought leader in your field. You have big ideas that will change the world, and big dreams for where your business is heading, but you lack the structure, time + resources to take real steps forward. You’re forward thinking and you’re passionate about the work you do.

You provide a high touch service. You’re looking to create a luxury vibe, making sure your clients have the support they need and then some, so they’re never left wondering what comes next.

You value your time AND luxury client experiences. You know your clients would have a better experience if you had the time to automate your business.

You’re not a techy, and you don’t have to be. You have some tech experience but you need help with expertise, so you don’t have to learn all the best practices yourself.

You need an extra set of hands. There are too many meetings on your calendar and to many tasks on your plate. You need someone to take some of the work off your plate.

Right now you feel overwhelmed and barely able to step into the she-E-O role you’ve always dreamed of, because the little details are holding you back. You’re ready to take the next steps in your business, and you’ve landed here on my page because you know you need a right hand woman to take the extra tasks off your plate, free up your time, and strategize with you in your business so that you can scale to the level you know you’re ready to climb.

Hi! I’m Christina and I empower creative + adventurous business owners like you to make strategic design and systems choices that will help you drive results in your business, save time through automation, and ultimately put you on a path to the freedom in business and life that you so desire.

Building a business takes a strong foundation, a dash of tech and a whole lot of “go do the damn thing”. I’m here to be your right hand, your rebel wing woman, if you will, who will guide you toward the best decisions that will launch you toward your wildest dreams.

I've got street cred..

Are you ready to take the next step?

Let's work together to automate and systematize so your business will work for you, instead of the other way around.