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You Grow Girl!:
Systems Setup One Day VIP Experience

Designing websites, systems and strategies for overwhelmed creatives so you can streamline and scale without working weekends or spending another minute outside your zone of genius


Tell me if this sounds like you:

↠ You tried to DIY your website and ended up with something you didn’t want to share with anyone
↠ You’re wearing #allthehats in your business and you know you’re wasting time outside your zone of genius
↠ You have all the puzzle pieces to set up your client relationship or email management system but you don’t have the know-how to fit them all together
↠ You’ve been working at it for a while now and you’ve got your processes in place but you’ve been struggling to find ways to scale because you don’t have another minute in your day to spare
↠ At the end of the day or week your to-do list is NEVER done and the stress is seeping it’s way into your personal life — you either work on the weekends or suffer through the anxiety of not getting it all done

Imagine you could:

↠ ditch the embarassing DIY website and have a DFY design ready.

↠ outsource where you need it the most so you never have to touch your website, systems or tech again.

↠ update all your tech so that it works as a foundational tool for your business.

↠ rid yourself of the resentment that comes with working long hours, missing important moments with friends and family, and struggling with burnout.

↠ create repeatable processes in your business, so you can take back valuable time each week to work on your business instead of in it.

Now what if I told you it was possible to tackle those tasks together in JUST ONE DAY?

What can be accomplished in a VIP day?

Website Audit + Refresh

Update your current site with new colors, fonts, photos and style.

Tech Maintenance and Updates

Tackle your list of tech to-do's and clean up the back end of your website, systems + integrations.

WordPress Website Build

1-3 page "online business card" intended to get your online journey started fast.

Strategic Systems Setup

Set up WooCommerce, a Membership Site, a client relationship or email management system.

It might sound too good to be true but it can be done.

Also included in the Experience:

1:1 Strategy Call to Discuss Your Needs and Goals

30 Days of VIP Email Support

It's as Easy as...

1. Pick a Day

2. Prep Work

3. Strategy Call

4. VIP Day Experience

After the Experience: You'll continue to enjoy email support for 30 days, so you never feel lost or confused with tech again.

I'm ready for a VIP day.

Okay but what's the benefit of a VIP day?

On top of having my full and undivided attention for eight full hours your work will be done faster than ever and you won’t be left wondering what comes next, how to proceed or when your project will finally be done.

Together we’ll check the tasks off your to-do list that haven’t moved since last July, and we’ll focus your website, strategy, business and goals to ensure you’re set up for scalable success.

↠ Your project will be done in one day instead of dragging on for months
↠ You’ll have my undivided attention to focus on you and your goals
↠ You’ll skip all the back-and-forth and boring conference calls
↠ You’ll have peace of mind that your tech problems are solved and you’re set up with a foundation that will launch you into success

You Grow Girl: Systems Setup One Day VIP Experience | $1897

One Day VIP Experiences are eight hours and include:

↠ my undivided attention for a full day
↠ 45 minute kickoff strategy call
↠ 30 Day Post VIP Support
↠ Custom tutorial videos
↠ the satisfaction of knowing your project is taken care of

I've got street cred

You Grow Girl: Systems Setup One Day VIP Experience | Apply Now