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Simple, boring and difficult to use websites are a thing of the past.

“I did my research. I had about five interviews with other website creators, and I decided to go with Wandersoul Co. because Christina understood my vision and was very clear on what the next steps were if I moved on with her services.”

New Year Resolutions and Solutions

Table of Contents

It happens every year around this time. People everywhere take some time for self-reflection and fresh resolutions. For independent business owners like myself, we take time to look back over the closing year to learn from what worked and what didn’t. We set new goals for the new year and use that fresh perspective to spark growth.

Part of this process for me is to identify where my values are and how I have been honoring them. Running this business is 100% values-based. Creating a sense of purpose and contribution to something bigger than myself is what keeps me going when things get hard.

Serving my community full of amazing business owners like you has been a big part of my value set. It takes a village and hiding out in a hole and hoarding lessons learned helps no one!

Whether you subscribe to the concept of “sharing is caring” or “paying it forward,” I believe we can’t exist without each other.

I certainly can’t!

I have only made it to where I am with the support of a village of friends, family and colleagues. 

The idea of “paying it forward” has been around for a long time, way before people started paying for each other’s Starbucks’ orders!

As I take a look at how I want to run my business in 2023, I think about how I can apply this value to my actions.

Wandersoul Co has evolved to be more than just a website design service. 

Wandersoul is about building a community of creative business owners. It’s about creating a space of empowerment, education and encouragement.

A place where lessons learned are shared and stories are celebrated. 

Wandersoul Co is emerging in 2023 as a place that facilitates support, growth and knowledge to all business owners in addition to their online presence. 

I’m starting a movement where sharing is more than just caring – it’s a vital piece to our success. Lifting each other up does not require us to take a step down. 

This is the energy I’m bringing into 2023!

The first part of that is to (re)introduce you to my library of resources. 

There are several ways to interact with Wandersoul resources: the blog, newsletter and social media.

The blog: Here is where you will find tutorials on website best practices, WordPress Pro Tips, business tips, tech tools and more. This is where you will find the most in-depth information. I pour the most into my blog posts and if you ever have a topic you would like me to expand on, please let me know!

The newsletter: Wandersoul Co straight in your inbox! These notifications are much more reliable than social media! It’s my favorite way to communicate with my community. Subscribe to the newsletter today and get immediate access to my Business Tech Stack. It’s a resource guide on the 18 web tools that I use every day to run my business. It’s the most comprehensive tech tool guide I’ve ever seen. If you’re an aspiring creative business owner, this guide will help you find the best tools to run your business and how to use them in your business. Get that here and then I’ll keep popping in your email with delightful stories and information you can’t live without!

Social media: Yes I’m here too! Over on Instagram you can binge my Reels on WordPress and Elementor and sneak peeks behind the scenes in my business. Follow along here.

I’m excited for the upcoming year. Those fresh planner pages hit different, ya know?! (The digital kind anyway, from Bright Beta Co.)

And while I don’t have the entire year planned out yet and while I’m positive that my plans will evolve and change along the way, I know for certain that with my values as a guiding star, I can’t go wrong.

Simple, boring and difficult to use websites are a thing of the past.

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