My Brand Archetype: The Explorer

Yesterday I came across an Instagram post from McKinley Media which mentioned the 12 Brand Archetypes noted by psychologist Carl Jung. Prior to my scroll on insta I had never heard of the archetypes before and I was inspired to learn more. Fact: I’m nearly always inspired to learn more. It’s one of the things that keeps me on top of the game and ready to help you find solutions to all of your tech problems.

There are twelve brand archetypes:

→ The Innocent
→ Everyman
→ Hero
→ Outlaw

→ Explorer
→ Creator
→ Ruler
→ Magician

→ Lover
→ Caregiver
→ Jester
→ Sage

There are a few that speak to me and to what Wandersoul stands for: Creator, Lover, Caregiver, Sage. But one stood out above the rest when I read these words, associated with the Explorer: “Your brand promises freedom.”

Those words cut to the core of what Wandersoul is, and how my tech solutions and web design services empower my clients to find freedom in their businesses and their lives.

By collaborating with me to design an iterative website that inspires your clients, creating an exceptional client experience so your customers feel nurtured and cared for, and automating the entire process, you’ll free up time in your business to work on the money-generating tasks only you can handle.

To me, freedom = happiness, and I aim to share light and happiness with as many folx as I can in this short life.

How can I set you free in your business today?


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