Products that I just Can't Get Enough of

While you may see affiliate links in other parts of my website –there aren’t any here.

I wanna revolutionize sharing our favorite things that make us happy just cause they make us happy and we want other people to share in the joy they bring.

Not everything has to be a money grab. 🤷‍♀️


Milk Lotion and Hydrating Gel Body Wash in the Coconut scent. Not only are these products help recover from the dryness of winter, they make me smell like the beach all day long.

Green Land Food

Shawarma Meat Spice.
You guys this spice is AMAZING if you love shawarma as much as I do. My fiance and I use this on a regular basis to recreate kebabs from when we each studied abroad.

Amazon Kindle

My Kindle will forever be one of my favorite products. While I don't specifically endorse Amazon, the Kindle itself is a genius product that absolutely revolutioned how much I read. Forever grateful 🙏


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