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Green Flags: What to Look for When Adding a Web Developer to Your Agency

Having a solid digital presence is a must for businesses today. As an agency offering branding and business services to clients, you might be looking to expand your studio’s offerings to include web development.

Web development services can include everything from basic set-up services to custom code development. As businesses seek to grow their online presence, their websites will need to grow to accommodate their business needs.

One of the top reasons agencies choose to outsource web development services is to save time and money. It can take months of hiring and training a team of designers and developers before they are ready to take on projects. If you do your homework, you will choose a reliable and talented outsourcing partner who already has the experience, proven processes and expertise to implement projects right away.

When looking to add a web developer to your agency, there are some key things to consider.

Strong technical skills.

This is a no-brainer! You want a web designer with expertise in the tools and technologies required to complete projects for your clients. Many web developers specialize in one or two web builders, such as WordPress or Squarespace. Consider what services you will offer your clients. If you want to open up several platform options, you may need to hire different developers for different projects. Make sure to ask what web builders they are experienced with and what level of experience they have in the others.

Also, consider the needs of your clients. What services do they offer and what functionality do they need their websites to have? Look for developers with experience with e-commerce integrations, site speed optimization tools and mobile browser optimization.

Good communication.

Good work dies with poor communication. As an agency, you already have processes in place for project management and team communication. Ensure that the web developer you choose is familiar with the tools you will use to communicate with them and others involved in the project. Whether it’s Asana, Zoom meetings or a group chat, ask about their preferred way to communicate and their comfort level with these tools. You will want someone on your team that can easily integrate with your existing processes.

Established processes.

This skill is critical if your goal is to save time and money. You want to ensure the developer you hire has proven processes and time management skills. Ask them to show you their deliverables and expected time to completion for each type of task. For example, when I onboard a new client, I create a copy of my “Website Build Template” in Asana, which includes all the tasks and deadlines to meet in order to have your projects completed on time and within budget.

The same process applies to working with an agency. After the project brief, I adjust my existing approach to meet the project timeline. This helps manage expectations and ensure that all deadlines are met across the board.

Talk to your web developer about how they will deliver products and what they need to complete the project.

Client experience-minded.

Depending on how you run your team, you might want a web designer who is client experience-minded. I always tell my outsourced clients that I am happy to be client-facing, which most web developers are not. I find it easier to communicate directly with the client about some aspects of the project. If this approach works for your agency, ask if they are open to direct contact with the client. On the flip side, if you prefer to be the communication hub, establish that boundary as well.

That they fit into your team well!

This is the vibe check! If we don’t get along working together, it will not be fun! And a disconnected rapport will make its way into the client project. Whether you use a personality test or rely on your instincts, take some time to get to know the person you want to bring onto your team. They could check all the other boxes, but the partnership won’t work well if the vibe is off!

I’ve worked as an outsourcing partner for several agencies across the country. One thing I’ve learned is that personality and values matter. Most developers will have the technical skills and be able to do great work. But finding someone who aligns with your brand will elevate the relationship and result in a remarkable collaboration!

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