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Table of Contents

I recently got to chat with the new Product Manager for Flodesk Checkouts on a market research call. I’ll be perfectly honest, I was skeptical about hopping on the call. I’m not huge on getting on calls as it is, but I was afraid that this call was just going to be a waste of time.

It probably wasn’t fair of me to think that, because Flodesk has always treated me right and I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions that they would waste my time, but I’ve been burned by this kind of thing in the past (haven’t we all, ya know?).

In reality, the call was nothing short of awesome. I mean, first of all the product manager basically told me for 45 minutes straight how helpful my insight was. Don’t get me wrong, I hear kind words from my clients all the time, but rarely does anyone ever compliment me for 45 minutes straight.

I bring a unique perspective to their research because I don’t just use Flodesk and Flodesk Checkouts for myself – I also use it for multiple clients, for multiple different uses (like selling courses and streamlining workshop signups) AND I my background in client experience means I can see this topic from so many different angles – from strategy, to development, to design, to end-user experience.

Plus this guy actually heard me. My ideas were validated AND I got some inside knowledge about how Flodesk is working on the short-term and the long-term of making Checkouts even more awesome. Music to my ears, I tell ya.

After the call, I got to thinking – why not share the love and let you all in on the top five changes I’d love to see for Flodesk Checkouts?

These tweaks could turn this already fabulous tool into an absolute powerhouse for your business.

In no way is this a reflection of what Flodesk is currently working on (but a girl can dream, right?!!?) and I’m really hoping to see all of these features in the not-so-distant future because they would make a real impact for the clients I use Flodesk Checkouts for.

So, grab a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine (no judgment here), and let’s dive into how we can make this already fantastic tool even better.

What is Flodesk?

In case you’re not already familiar,  Flodesk is an email marketing platform that stands out for its beautiful, easy-to-use templates and intuitive interface. It’s designed to help entrepreneurs and small businesses create stunning email campaigns without the headache of complicated software. If you’ve ever struggled with clunky email marketing tools, Flodesk feels like a breath of fresh air.

I’ve been using Flodesk in my own business for over three years, and I have always been happy with the tool and the direction they’ve taken with their improvements. They stay true to their core audience – creative entrepreneurs, educators and small businesses – and are always working on new improvements that help us do our jobs better – because for most of us email marketing is an administrative task in our business, not our core service, and we just need it to be easy.

That’s exactly what Flodesk does.

Who is Flodesk for?

Flodesk Checkouts is perfect for entrepreneurs who sell digital products like eBooks, courses, templates, and memberships. It’s also a great fit for service-based businesses offering consultations or workshops.

The one thing that I don’t love about Flodesk, and the only reason I don’t always recommend it, is the analytics are sparse. If you’re looking to dive into the details of every email and campaign, Flodesk probably isn’t the tool for you.

I’m totally fine with this last bit – but true designers might feel like Flodesk is a little lacking in flexibility and freedom. That said, if you get creative, you can build nearly any kind of email you want to.

Flodesk is also fairly budget friendly. They have ample affiliate codes (yes, that’s mine) that give you 50% off for the first year of your account, and the price never goes up if (when!!) your follower list explodes.

What is Flodesk Checkouts?

Flodesk Checkouts is a newer addition to the Flodesk family. It’s a simple, effective way to sell digital products and services directly from your Flodesk emails or website. Think of it as your all-in-one sales platform that’s beautifully integrated with your email marketing, making it a seamless experience for both you and your customers.

Much like Flodesk makes it super easy to create emails with their built-in templates, they make it super easy to build out a sales page and checkout where clients can easily purchase a digital product or sign up for an upcoming virtual event. Once the purchase is made, the client can easily be funneled directly into the correct segment within Flodesk, and sent a corresponding email sequence based on the product they bought.

Flodesk has also partnered with Stripe for payment processing. This is already my payment processor of choice which keeps things streamlined for me, but if you already have another payment provider you’ll have to weigh the pros/cons of adding another payment processor to the mix.

The Top Five Changes I’d Like to See in Flodesk Checkouts

Don’t get me wrong, Flodesk Checkouts is already working wonders for my clients.

For most of them, it eliminates the need to set up a huge ecommerce solution like Woocommerce on their website, for just a few digital products or event ticket sales. Woocommerce is a beast to set up, and it’s not always the right option for this type of thing, and I’m glad that Flodesk has brought this tool to the table that bridges the gap for business owners who just don’t need that complex of a tool.

That said, there are some things that would take Flodesk checkout to the absolute next level and I’m gonna run through what they are and why I think they’re important below.

Embeddable Checkouts

Alright, let’s talk about one of the top features on my Flodesk Checkouts wish list: embeddable checkouts. Imagine being able to embed the entire checkout process directly on your website or landing page without sending customers off to a separate page. Sounds amazing, right? Well, let me tell you why this would be a game-changer.

Fewer clicks mean fewer opportunities for potential customers to drop off. Every extra step in the buying process is a chance for someone to get distracted or change their mind. By embedding the checkout directly on your site, you’re keeping things smooth and straightforward. Your customers stay in one place, focused on completing their purchase, and that means higher conversion rates.

Think about it – you’re browsing a website, you find something you want to buy, and instead of being whisked away to a completely different URL, you can just complete your purchase right then and there. No extra loading screens, no additional links to click. It’s seamless, it’s efficient, and it’s exactly what modern customers expect.

Sending someone out to a different link can cause confusion, especially if your customers aren’t particularly tech-savvy or if they’re used to a more streamlined experience. Keeping everything on one page just feels more cohesive and trustworthy. Plus, it gives you more control over the entire process, from the sales pitch to the final thank-you page.

For my clients who are educators and creative entrepreneurs, this kind of integration is a no-brainer. They want to provide the best experience possible for their customers without adding unnecessary complexity. Embeddable checkouts would allow them to maintain their beautifully designed pages and ensure a smooth, uninterrupted buying journey.

Picture this: you’re hosting a mastermind retreat with a cap of 20 attendees. You’ve set up everything beautifully with Flodesk Checkouts, but there’s no way to limit the number of tickets sold. The anxiety of overselling and then having to refund and disappoint customers is very real.

An inventory cap would solve this problem effortlessly. You could set the exact number of seats available, and once they’re sold out, the checkout would automatically close. No more manually monitoring sales and no more sleepless nights worrying about overselling.

But it doesn’t stop there. Let’s talk about physical products. Even though Flodesk is primarily used for digital products and services, having the flexibility to sell physical items is a huge bonus. And with physical products, there’s almost always an inventory cap. Whether you’re selling a limited edition run of handcrafted jewelry or a small batch of artisanal candles, knowing you won’t oversell is crucial.

An inventory cap feature would ensure that your stock levels are accurately reflected, preventing any logistical nightmares. Your customers will appreciate the transparency, and you’ll appreciate the peace of mind.

In essence, adding an inventory cap to Flodesk Checkouts would make it incredibly versatile. It would cater to both digital and physical product sellers, streamline event management, and prevent the chaos of overselling. It’s a simple yet powerful feature that would elevate the tool’s functionality and make it indispensable for a broader range of business needs.

Redirecting to a Custom Thank You Page

Let’s dive into another must-have feature: the ability to redirect customers to a custom thank you page after their purchase. Right now, Flodesk Checkouts sends customers to a default landing page that shows a receipt, a small area for instructions, and one lonely button to link out. It does the job, but for my clients it’s like serving a gourmet meal on a paper plate.

Here’s why a custom thank you page would be a total game-changer:

First, staying on brand. When a customer makes a purchase, it’s crucial to maintain that cohesive, branded experience from start to finish. A custom thank you page allows you to keep everything looking and feeling like it’s part of your business. Whether it’s your logo, color scheme, or a heartfelt message, a custom page lets you keep the customer experience seamless and polished.

Second, analytics. Currently, there’s no straightforward way to track analytics for a sale with Flodesk Checkouts. But imagine if, after completing their purchase, customers were redirected back to your own website. You could easily set up tracking to see exactly where your customers are coming from and how they’re interacting with your site. This kind of insight is invaluable for tweaking your sales funnel and making informed marketing decisions.

Finally, design flexibility and freedom. The built-in thank you page is pretty basic and doesn’t allow for much creativity. With a custom thank you page, the sky’s the limit. Want to include a personalized video message thanking your customers? Go for it. Need to add a special discount code for their next purchase? Easy. You could even guide them to join your VIP Facebook group or follow you on social media right from that page. The possibilities are endless.

Payment Plans

Now, let’s talk about a feature that one of my clients specifically requested: payment plans. Imagine being able to offer your course in two easy payments instead of requiring the full amount upfront. This flexibility can be a game-changer for your customers and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Take one of my clients, for example. She runs a highly successful online course, and many of her students would benefit from having the option to split their payments. For some, paying in full can be a financial stretch, but breaking it down into more manageable chunks can make all the difference. By offering payment plans, she can make her course accessible to a wider audience, boosting enrollment and customer satisfaction.

Adding payment plans to Flodesk Checkouts would complete the trifecta of versatility. This feature would make it the perfect tool for all kinds of sales, from high-ticket courses to expensive digital products. Not only does it make things easier for your customers, but it also helps you manage your cash flow more effectively.

Think about it: with payment plans, you can attract customers who might be on the fence about making a large upfront payment. It lowers the barrier to entry and allows more people to access your amazing offerings. Plus, it can help reduce refund requests since customers are less likely to experience buyer’s remorse when they can pay over time.

This feature isn’t just about flexibility; it’s about inclusivity. It opens the door for more people to benefit from what you have to offer, without the financial strain of a lump-sum payment.

Time Based Coupons

Last but definitely not least on my wishlist for Flodesk Checkouts is the addition of time-based coupons. This feature would be a dream come true for anyone looking to create genuine urgency in their sales process.

Here’s why time-based coupons are so important. I build deadline funnels for my clients, which are fantastic for driving sales by creating a sense of urgency. However, without a true deadline on the coupon code, the urgency can feel a bit hollow. It’s like telling someone the sale ends at midnight but not really enforcing it—kind of defeats the purpose, right?

With time-based coupons, we could set specific expiration dates and times for our discounts, ensuring that once the clock runs out, the coupon is no longer valid. This would add a layer of authenticity and integrity to our deadline funnels, making the urgency real and ethical. Customers would know that the discount is genuinely time-limited, which can significantly boost conversions.

From a client’s perspective, having a true deadline in place feels more honest and straightforward. It helps build trust with their audience, showing that they stand by their word. Plus, it can be a powerful motivator for those customers who need that extra little push to make a purchase.

Imagine being able to run a flash sale with a 24-hour coupon or offering a special discount that expires at the end of a webinar. Time-based coupons can be used in so many creative ways to drive sales and engagement. It’s about creating real, believable scarcity that respects the customer’s decision-making process.

What I Know About Upcoming Changes

Not alllll that much – except I do know that Flodesk is specifically looking at short-term and long-term phases to the project, that will likely offer some quick wins (like maybe more than one button on the Flodesk after sale landing page) and also projects that take more time to complete, but that genuinely improve the tool for the people who use it the most – like creators, entrepreneurs, and online educators.

Moving Forward

Having the opportunity to share my insights with the new Product Manager for Flodesk Checkouts was an eye-opening experience. It reinforced the power of community feedback and how much companies like Flodesk value real user experiences to shape their product roadmaps. My wishlist—embeddable checkouts, inventory caps, custom thank you pages, payment plans, and time-based coupons—reflects the genuine needs and desires of myself and my clients. Implementing these features would elevate Flodesk Checkouts from a great tool to an indispensable asset for digital entrepreneurs.

Flodesk has always been a game-changer in the realm of email marketing with its beautiful templates and user-friendly interface. With the addition of these requested features, Flodesk Checkouts could revolutionize how we sell digital products, manage events, and handle payments. This isn’t just about making sales easier; it’s about creating seamless, trustworthy, and efficient experiences for both the seller and the buyer.

As Flodesk continues to evolve, I’m excited to see how they incorporate user feedback into their product development. The possibilities are endless, and the potential for making our businesses run smoother and more effectively is immense. Here’s to hoping that these features, or at least some of them, make their way into Flodesk Checkouts soon. It’s clear that Flodesk is committed to growing and improving, and I’m grateful to be a part of that journey.

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