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Done in a Day WordPress Website Design Services

Stop trying to DIY your online home.

For the small business owner that's ready to feel proud, professional and confident AF -- quickly.

You’re ready to uplevel your online presence so you can shine online. You want to build a basis for the online ecosystem that’s going to help you take over the world. You’ve tried all the DIY options and the site you create never looks as cool as the idea you had in your head. You need your website design to strategically guide your clients to working with you, and you’re ready to invest to have it done right by a pro.

The inner procrastinator in you has put off DIY-ing your website for months because every time you sit down with your laptop, WordPress and a bottle of wine you end up drunk and annoyed, and no closer to having your website complete.

Now you have a (insert important business event) next Tuesday and no way to showcase your services to potential clients.

In your Website Creation VIP Day we will create a simple, custom, WordPress website that makes you look (and feel) like the rockstar business owner you are, in less time than it takes to catch up on the latest season of You.

What's Included

Strategy Questionnaires

Three custom questionnaires to gain all the information I need to build your WordPress website quickly.

Custom WordPress Design

Custom, strategically designed WordPress website based on your business goals and vision.

Website Copy Planner

Custom copy planner to help you know what and how much to write for each page and section of your WordPress website.

Website Tech Setup

All your domains, hosting, email, calendar and client relationship management software set up and integrated for you.

Mobile Responsive Design

Custom design that looks good on any device, from desktops and laptops to iPads and mobile phones.

Quick Turnaround Time

I use professional tools to help me create websites quickly -- no more months of back and forth with a developer.

Premium License Access

Access to premium Elementor Pro, Astra Pro and Happy Add-ons Pro licenses to make your design shine on the web.

Email Support

Technical support for your new site for four weeks after it launches.

Personalized Video Tutorials

Video tutorials made specifically for you based on your needs, as discussed in our strategy meetings.

Done-in-a-Day Builds starting from $2997

Side effects include...

  • feeling confident AF about the small business you’ve worked so hard to create
  • sharing your message with the people who need to hear it most
  • being found organically in online search engines
  • landing big projects with major clients
  • attracting ideal clients who are ready to book your services without asking so many questions

Working together is as easy as...

1. Schedule a Disco Call

No, you won’t be expected to dance. Or figure out how to use the fellytone. We’ll be doing this new-school on Zoom so we can get to know each other.

2. Strategize your new website.

We’ll work together to hone in on your vision and goals so we can make a custom plan that works specifically for your business.

3. Let me do the rest

I’ll set up a timeline and implement the systems, strategy and design that we co-create so that you feel comfortable, profitable and successful AF.

Looking for a more traditional website build?

Done-in-a-Day services are perfect for small business owners looking to uplevel their online presence quickly, but they’re not the right fit for every job.

If you need additional functionality and/or integrations your project likely won’t fit into these parameters.

If you need a fully custom build you can request more information below.

Limited Spots Available, Book Yours Now

What You Need to Make this Project a Success:

Time and Dedication

Above all else you must be committed to co-creating this site with me. I'll bring the design, strategy, accountability and solution-oriented attitude, and you bring the wherewithal to get sh*t done to make this project a success.

Professional Photos

Professional photos are a must to complete your project. Without them your site will fall flat and lack your personality.

The Wandersoul Co. Magic Touch

Our premium services will leave you feeling confident AF about your business strategy and online presence.

Received O.W.L.s In:

Client Love

“I can’t tell you how impressed I am by what you created with what I gave you. I LOVE IT!”

Lori B.

Yes, and no. While it is possible to create a website in one day the process I’ve perfected takes just over a week to accomplish once I have all of the materials I need from you to get started.

While the bulk of the build will take place in 8 hours on the design date we choose, there will be pre- and post- work to make the dream work.

The initial forms required take you approximately 2.5 hours to complete, and the rest of the work is up to me.

You’ll be in charge of purchasing hosting (~$10-15/month) for your site as well as purchasing your own domain (~$18/month).

As part of the build process you’ll gain access to my premium Elementor Pro license.The Elementor Pro license is included as part of my monthly maintenance plan, or you can elect to purchase a license for yourself. Explore Elementor’s pricing here.

WordPress websites require monitoring and updates on a regular basis. I always recommend my clients purchase a care plan ($127) with a pro to protect the investment from any malicious cyber attacks.

Absolutely. As a fellow business owner I know how difficult it can be to get your sh*t together all by yourself.

Once you book a call I’ll begin helping you making the right decisions for us to have a successful project together, which includes helping create your branding, helping you complete your own copy or source a copy writer, build your website strategy and hold you accountable to bringing all the pieces of the puzzle to the table.

I offer four weeks of email support and up to two fifteen minute calls to troubleshoot your website and help you best use it once it’s been launched.

I film 3-5 tutorial videos based on your website usage in order to maximize your understanding of your new WordPress dashboard.

I offer on-going maintenance and support starting at $97/month to ensure your site is secure and up-to-date on a regular basis.

While I understand the benefit of other website builders I have dedicated myself to building on the WordPress platform for a variety of reasons.

That being said, if your site is already built on another platform and you’d like to work together for updates and changes, I’d be happy to talk about our options for working together.

While I work hard to ensure your website is set up as a platform that will perform well in search engines, I do not offer specific search engine optimization services as part of my build packages. There just isn’t time in one day.

I can, however, guide you through working with an SEO team to increate your organic search results over time.

The beauty of this premium service is you can include whatever you like.

WordPress is a robust platform that allows for unparalleled growth of your website as your business grows.

We can add a shop, membership, implement sales funnels and integrate all the right technology for your business.

On our call we’ll dive more into your specific needs so that we can build a package that works for you.

All my builds include:

  • Elementor Pro pagebuilder
  • Astra Pro Theme
  • Custom Suite of Premium Plugins
  • Google Site Kit
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Minimum five page website
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use
  • GDPR Cookie Compliance

I sure can, but you’ll need to trust me a little!

I specialize in rebuilding sites that are malfunctioning for one reason or another, and I help optimize and speed them up for better user experience.

On our call we can talk about whether updating your current site is possible, or whether a rebuild is a better choice for your vision and goals.

Yes, I offer payment plans and booking options to ensure you have the time and flexibility to afford your build.

My traditional plan includes a 50% deposit and 50% due on the design day, but I can create custom options if those fees are a financial hardship for you.

Well, that depends who you ask.

I use tools that make WordPress easy to digest and learn, plus I make video tutorials that you can follow step by step to achieve your website needs.

I also offer on-going maintenance and support starting at $97/month for security updates and content changes.

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