TSR012: Creating a Custom Client Portal with Elementor and Pods

If you’ve been hanging around for a while, you probably know that I’m a BIG fan of both WordPress and Elementor (Pro).

Elementor might get a bad reputation for being “bloated” but I like to argue that Elementor is only bloated if you’re not using it to build websites efficiently.

For this reason, I’ve been thinking about dabbling in making some Elementor tutorials to help users understand how to get the most out of Elementor while still being performance-minded about the sites they build.

While I’m not specifically talking about performance or efficient development in this video, it is a little different than my previous videos.

In this video I’m talking through how to build a simple, custom client portal on your website using Elementor Pro and the Pods plugin.

Plus, even if this type of video content isn’t for you (because you’re not a developer yourself) you’ll still benefit from this build if you’re my client – because I’m building this client portal on my own website, to use with my own clients.

No more digging through emails to find the necessary links – like how to pay the invoice or upload your files to Google Drive.

This portal will be bookmark-able in your browser, and you’ll be able to easily navigate to the information you need at any time.

Plus, I think I’m pretty entertaining even if the content isn’t specific to you and your business 😂

Check it out:

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