Streamlining Operations to Reach More Students: The MyRDguide Website Overhaul

“Christina is amazing! She gathered all my random thoughts and ideas and created a website I am proud of.”

Simple, boring and difficult to use websites are a thing of the past.
“I did my research. I had about five interviews with other website creators, and I decided to go with Wandersoul Co. because Christina understood my vision and was very clear on what the next steps were if I moved on with her services.”

The Challenge

When I first met Ingrid Soto in 2022, she was already making waves with her innovative approach to helping aspiring RDs and DTRs ace their exams. Despite her success, Ingrid’s business was hampered by a lack of an efficient online system. She needed a platform that not only made it easy for students to learn about and enroll in her programs but also streamlined the booking and course delivery processes. Ingrid was keen on automating these systems to save time and focus more on content delivery rather than backend management.

The Solution

Our collaboration led to the creation of a comprehensive website tailored to the needs of Ingrid’s students. The site featured clear navigation paths to explore Ingrid’s programs, making it straightforward for students to find what they needed quickly. We integrated tools like Flodesk and Zapier to automate student bookings and course notifications, significantly reducing the manual workload for Ingrid and her team. Additionally, we developed a custom, cost-effective booking system within the website that allowed students in Ingrid’s highest tier to schedule one-on-one sessions directly with tutors.

Over time, as Ingrid introduced new offerings, we expanded her color palette to keep the website fresh and inviting. In late 2023, we further refined the student engagement process by enhancing the way we inform students about upcoming programs. We also added a dedicated sales page for Ingrid’s new quarterly virtual live workshops, catering to students seeking accelerated learning paths.

The Result

The transformed MyRDguide website has vastly improving the way Ingrid connects with and educates her students. The automated systems have freed up countless hours previously spent on manual tasks, allowing Ingrid to devote more time to developing high-quality content and expanding her program offerings. The website not only supports Ingrid’s operational needs but also grows with her business, adapting to new challenges and opportunities as they arise.

Ingrid continues to rely on our monthly support for managing her group programs, maintaining her website, and orchestrating her marketing campaigns through Flodesk. This ongoing partnership ensures that MyRDguide remains at the cutting edge of educational technology and marketing efficiency.

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