Rebel Soul Yoga Studio Gets UX Makeover for Event and Workshop Sign Ups

“It’s easier to book classes. The events page looks beautiful and is easy to access.”

Simple, boring and difficult to use websites are a thing of the past.
“Christina is amazing to work with. She built my website and has hosted it since I opened my business 6 years ago. As my business has grown and expanded, Christina has grown and expanded my website. She is quick to respond if there’s a problem and quick with a solution. She makes my job so much easier.”

The Challenge:

Back in 2017, when I first ventured into entrepreneurship and web design, Rebel Soul Yoga Studio was the first project I ever worked on.

I had met her through mutual friends when I lived in North Carolina, and I just couldn’t contain myself when I heard she was opening the doors to a yoga studio in my former home. Shannon is an amazing human being, and I’m honored that I continue to be able to support her business journey.

That first website we built was a little rough (let’s call it a learning curve) and over the years it did the job, but didn’t do anything fancy.

By late 2023, Shannon was encountering bottlenecks with her existing system, particularly in how her students booked workshops and events. She needed a more streamlined approach. Each month, Shannon organizes 5-7 specialized workshops outside her regular class schedule, and it was becoming increasingly cumbersome to communicate all the upcoming events at the end of every class.

The Solution:

Understanding the need for simplicity and efficiency, we drew inspiration from well-known booking platforms like to overhaul the event booking section of Rebel Soul Yoga’s website. We created a user-friendly space where students could easily find and book upcoming workshops. This new section was designed to feel intuitive and familiar, minimizing the learning curve for Shannon’s students and enhancing their overall experience. We also simplified the backend process for adding new events, ensuring Shannon could manage it with ease. Additionally, we implemented a strategy to boost the studio’s search engine visibility by maintaining an archive of past events. This not only preserved the valuable content but also kept drawing in traffic long after the events had concluded.

The Result:

The revamped website has become a game-changer for Rebel Soul Yoga Studio. Shannon’s students now enjoy a seamless booking experience, free from the rush of post-class announcements. The archive of past events continues to attract new students by boosting the studio’s search engine rankings and maintaining relevance in search results. Shannon has seen an uptick in workshop attendance and overall engagement on her website. This digital transformation has allowed her to focus more on what she loves—teaching yoga and expanding her community.

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