Incorporating Patience in the Web Design Process to Organize a Strategic Approach to Erin Neuhardt’s New Website

“I appreciated Christina’s patience. I thought I knew as I was getting ready to do this project, and through the process, I realized that I was not as clear on some things as I had hoped I was.”

Simple, boring and difficult to use websites are a thing of the past.
“I would say if you have been trying to build your own site, or you are looking to set-up a site from the beginning, trust Christina, she has your back and your website, your brand, and your vision in mind when she is creating. She is so easy to work with, and even when you can’t articulate fully what you want, she knows how to tease it out of you to get to the place that you want to be and creates something magical in the process.”

The Challenge:

When Erin Neuhardt approached me, her existing website—set up during an ambitious one-day launch back in 2021—no longer showcased her evolving business or resonated with her audience. As Erin’s professional focus shifted, her digital presence lagged behind, stuck with outdated features and a design that didn’t reflect her current path. She needed a website makeover that wouldn’t just update her online look but would revamp her entire digital strategy to mirror her dynamic offerings.

The Solution:

We kicked off with a deep-dive strategy session to clarify Erin’s current offerings and determine what needed to shine on her new site. The goal was to create a space that felt like Erin, one that would speak directly to her ideal clients. We updated her logo and color scheme to mix professionalism with a touch of the personal charm she brings to her work. I rebuilt her homepage to position Erin as a key authority in her field and streamlined the user experience to guide visitors seamlessly to what they need. We added a new Event and Workshop hub, making it super easy for her audience to connect with her.

The Result:

The website transformation was a huge success. Erin’s new online home now perfectly reflects her personality and professional evolution. It’s not just a website; it’s a robust platform that supports all her sales and marketing activities effortlessly. Erin loves how her new site feels like a true extension of herself—engaging, conversational, and clear. It’s a place where her clients can get to know her and her work easily, without getting lost in navigation.

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