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Geri Karabin

When Geri came to me she was in the process of upgrading her WordPress site, and had realized she had taken the site as far as she could on her own. She originally had a specific theme and list of tasks to accomplish, but after speaking about her goals she decided she trusted me to do a full, custom rebuild of her site through my signature offer, Website in a Day.


↠ Refresh Geri's brand to make it more in line with her approachable, friendly and compassionate brand
↠ Clean up her site content and create a strategic website that makes it easy for clients to book a call

"I felt I was getting a bit stale. Now, I feel fresh!"

The Process

Geri was originally working on her new site on local, to later be uploaded to her Bluehost account. Early in the process Geri decided she was all in with the tools I prefer, so we created a staging site with my preferred hosting provider to build the new site.

After the logistics of web development were decided, I moved on to created a refreshed color palette that reflects Geri's upbeat and friendly personality, while attracting spiritual clients ready to invest in Geri's Intuitive services.

With the new color palette in place, I spent a full day creating Geri's new site. We used a dark theme for Geri's site, while including accent details that make the site feel clean and full of personality.

Delivery and Launch

Geri's new site was ready to launch after a round of revisions. She received her updated logo, font and brand files, along with five launch graphics and her site went live all within one week of her design day.

The Final Product

The final WordPress website design included twelve custom designed pages that help users decide what type of call they'd like to book with Geri.

Project Scope:

Typography + Color Palette Selection
Website Strategy
Website Design
WordPress Website Development

"I feel fresh!"

I love the design, but I also love the way you do business. You're incredibly professional and you have a great deal of practices and processes in place. Makes me feel well supported and has given me ideas for my own business.

Geri Karabin

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