Client Gifting Resource

As you’ll know by now, Wandersoul Co was built on a few core principles and one of them is to surprise and delight clients throughout the duration of each project. This can come in many forms, which sometimes makes it hard to figure out exactly what to include or how to say “Thank you, I appreciate you” in a personalized way.

This resource was created to help you narrow down gifting options for your business, quickly add creative, personality infused touches to your client journey and make your clients feel like absolute goddesses when they work with you.

Dive in below!

step one: ask your client for their preferences

Create a Typeform or Dubsado questionnaire to gather a few key details about your client's likes and dislikes.

Use the questions below to get started on your form.

How do you treat yourself?
Tell me about your favorite things:
What are your hobbies?
What do you like to do for fun?
Coffee or tea?
Champagne or whiskey?
Sweet or salty?
Mountains or ocean?
What’s your favorite xxx?

step two: choose your gifting structure

Choose a rhythm that works well for your and your business.

Below you’ll find a few combinations that I know to work well — but feel free to mix and match what feels right to you!


Thank you card

Donation + Large Gift


Small Gift


Medium Gift


Medium Gift


Thank you card


Large Gift


Small Gift


Large Gift

Donation + Small Gift

step three: choose your gifts

Handwritten Cards

Let a robot write “hand write” a note to your client — and automate the send with Zapier.

Punkpost facilitates “beautifully handwritten cards mailed by artists for you”.

Small Gifts (~$10-$25)

Choose box. Pick a gift. Write a note. Greetabl does the rest. Gifting made easy and inexpensive.

Plants are the perfect little gift to liven up any (home) office space, and you can send them as little as $5 (+shipping) through Succulents Box.

Medium Gifts (~$25-$50)

Add a gift card to your hand picked gift to make this option a bit more robust.

Choose a gift box and add pots and accessories to take this gift option up a notch.

House planted makes picking a plant for your favorite plant lover fun and easy — plus they have options for every budget.

Giften Market

Giften Market crafts unique, thoughtful gifts and gift boxes of all varieties and to fit every budget.

Large Gifts (~$50+)


Set a budget and let your clients choose a gift for themselves through this innovative gifting service.

Giften Market

Grab the ultimate brunch crate + send a bottle of champagne from to make this gift a hit.

Choose a larger plant, a more exotic plant, or send multiples to up the value of this gift.

Find feminine, effortless and elevated curated gift boxes for your favorite classy entrepreneur.

Knackshops boasts an array of “custom gift boxes that bring a little joy to the world”.

Give back while you gift with OneHope Wine, which gives back on every purchase to “create a lasting impact for local and global causes”.

Indianapolis-based Something Splendid curates gift boxes with the entrepreneur in mind.

Caroo makes modern corporate gifting easy with thoughtful snack boxes for every occasion.

Custom Gifts

Choose from carefully curated boxes or work directly with the owner to create a custom one.

Build your own box with carefully sourced items to suit the needs of any client on your roster.

Gifting for a Group


Send your clients freshly baked cookies, where they get to choose their own favorite flavors. Need I say more?

Making a Donation

Together Rising is a nonprofit organization that “transforms collective heartbreak into effective action”.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization based. in Vermont that makes it simple for anyone to plant trees.

Don't forget:

Client gifts are tax deductible up to $25.

Other ways to delight your clients...

Collect their birthday on your preference sheet and send them a card each year.

Send a card or small gift on the anniversary of their launch date.

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