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Boxes, Beds, and Business Lessons: Navigating Flexibility in Our Processes

Table of Contents

In the midst of life’s ever-present chaos, we sometimes get so engrossed in our business practices that we forget to maintain flexibility. We get so entrenched in our processes that we miss opportunities right in front of us. Here’s a little tale from my recent move to highlight just how important it is for businesses to remain adaptable.

Our Big Move and The Flyer Fiasco

So, as some of you might know, Brian and I (plus our two chocolate labs, Maggie and Ducky) are venturing into a new phase of our lives – moving to a farm! We’re embracing our inner DIY spirit for most of the move, but decided to call in professionals for some particularly bulky items.

A flock of flyers from various local moving companies landed on our doorstep. Each one promising great deals. But after diving into the details, I began to notice a problem.

The Questionnaire Quandary

Calling these companies felt like déjà vu. The conversation would inevitably start with a series of questions – “How many bedrooms?”, “Do you have an attic?”, “Basement?” and so on. I get it, they wanted to assess the volume. But here’s the catch: None of them asked if we needed our entire house moved. The answers I provided didn’t correlate with my actual requirements.

It felt like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I didn’t need the entire checklist; just help with a few hefty items.

Breaking the Mold

By the time Brian started his batch of calls, I gave him a heads-up. But here’s where the story takes a turn. One company listened. Instead of making us jump through hoops, they heard our needs and gave us a straightforward quote. No fuss, no frills.

The Business Takeaway

This experience reminded me of an essential lesson in business – always keep space for the unexpected. I’m a systems girl at heart. But sometimes, we need to tweak the system. Every once in a while, a client might approach you with needs that don’t fit neatly into your pre-defined packages.

Staying Adaptable

For all my fellow web designers, social media managers, and creatives out there, let’s celebrate our processes but also remember to stay flexible. Your next best client might need something slightly off-menu. And that’s okay!

Your website, your business model, and your services are all extensions of you. While systems and processes are critical, it’s equally important to remember the human side of our operations. After all, it’s that personal touch that makes us different.

And to all female founders and creative entrepreneurs reading this: remember, your website should be as adaptable as you are. Because isn’t that what makes your business truly unique? Always be ready to adjust, adapt, and move forward.

Simple, boring and difficult to use websites are a thing of the past.

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