Wandersoul Co.


Starting at $1800/month

✔ Client Relations Management
✔ Systems & Automation Set Up
 Content Creation
✔ Brand Optimization
✔ Task Delegation
✔ Inbox Management

Client Experience Consultant Services are right for you if:

  • You need help managing client relationships.
  • You know there are easier ways to communicate, but aren’t familiar with systems & automations.
  • You’re looking to build authentic relationships.
  • You need an accountability partner.

The Perks

30 Hours of Dedicated Services Per Month
60 Minute Client On-boarding Call
24 hour task turnaround time
Two 1-hour scheduled strategy sessions/month
Having someone as dedicated to your business as you are


Build: Web Design

To optimize web design & client experience.

Shine: Brand Awareness

Building brand recognition across platforms.

Flow: Monthly Maintenance

Bi-weekly updates for a fast & secure website.