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My name is Christina Marie Anderson and since 2017 I’ve dedicated myself to empowering empathetic service providers, adventurous visionaries and thoughtful thought leaders to dial in the behind-the-scenes details of the everyday tedium that comes with owning and scaling a business. I’m a whiz with technology, systems + processes, and I take your dreamy goals and turn them into actionable steps that you can accomplish, day by day, to turn your dreams into reality.

I’m your not-so-serious, sassy + bold, go-to-girl for finding your own unique freedom + laying the foundations of your business, and having fun while doing it.

I do this by acting as a prism — breaking your bright shining light, attitude + business prowess into all the colors of the rainbow; in my world that means client relationship management, project management, administrative work, just to name a few, and together we collaborate to find solutions so you can take steps forward every. single. day.

I get the best results for people who…

  • are established, visionary business owners ready to hand off tasks, free up their time and focus on the larger picture
  • are direct communicators who value open + honest communication. I’m a “kick you in the seat of your pants” kind of woman.
  • are ready to make a change + have clarity on where they’re going. I provide the road map to get you to your goals!

My Core Values

My Core Values


I believe it is your birth-given right to find your own path of adventure, freedom, love, business + happiness. I will meet you wherever you are on your path.


I believe every problem is figure-out-able, and I bring all of the knowledge and experience, as well as the ever-knowing powers of Google to every project I tackle.


I believe together, we rise. I am committed to lifting others up, being a cheerleader for those who need it, lending a helping hand, and working together to create magic.

Could we be a match?

Could we be a match?








D-53% I-31% S-10% C-6%

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