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No one ever said building your own business was easy, but I’m not sure they mentioned it was going to be *quite* this difficult. Becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t magically cure not-enough-time-in-the-day-itis, and in some cases even makes it worse.

All of a sudden everything rests on your shoulders, and you become not only the designer but also the accountant, bookkeeper, CEO, desk clerk, executive assistant, fulfillment specialist… you know how it goes.

Wandersoul Co takes web design off your plate and makes the project approachable instead of overwhelming. Gone are the days where you have to know and do everything yourself.

I’m Christina Marie Anderson, owner here at Wandersoul Co, and I design strategic websites, and I manage the creative process of web designers, brand strategists, content creators, copywriters, marketing managers, and anyone who considers themself a creative in the online space.

Like most millennials I grew up on computers, I suffer from anxiety due to 9/11 and the 2008 financial crash (among other things), and it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

I wasn’t always a WordPress web designer.. in the beginning I attended and graduated from Amherst College — a prestigious liberal arts college in Massachusetts but I honestly had a crappy time in college (I was awkward — sometimes I still am) and it took me a long time and a few tragedies to grow into the person I am today.

I’ve lived all over the country. I really do own a traveling hippie van. I’m an expert in crafting boutique, luxury client experiences. I love systems, automations, being a web designer, working smarter not harder and using all my skills and the knowledge available to me to figure shit out.

I’m confident, sassy, sarcastic, loud, energized and ready to help even more creative badasses like you to leave the (corporate or customer service related) jobs you hate and use your favorite talents to make a living sharing your magic with the world.

We're a Good Fit if:


You have an existing business that lights you the f*&k up every time you think about it.


You're eager to work with a trusted professional to do the work that's outside your zone of genius.


You're ready to invest in the growth potential of the business you've worked so hard to create.


You're a little "woo" and live at the intersection of where energy meets strategy.

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Hours of Web Development

I help creative, second-career women launch an elevated online presence through my signature Design Day process.


With a background in luxury client experience, I create a website strategy that attracts and converts your ideal clients.


Your online home should be as unique as you are, and we'll work together to bring your goals and vision to life online.


From start to finish I'll build and manage your new, custom WordPress website so that you feel confident in how you're showing up.

Wandersoul Co is a WordPress web design studio that makes building and managing a WordPress website approachable.

We work with second-career women & creative online service providers to create an elevated online identity that strategically attracts and converts your ideal clients. We meet you where you’re at to quickly and easily update or build a web presence you’re proud of. And we have the tools and the knowledge you need to create your entire virtual identity — from branding, to copy, to photography and more.

Who We Work With

Second-Career Women

You’ve found success in the corporate world, and now you’re ready to take your skills and know-how directly to your own clients. You know you don’t have time to learn every piece of tech you need for your business, and you’re ready to invest in professional help to elevate your online presence.

Web Designers

You’re a badass, creative designer and you hate being bogged down by all the details that are necessary to fully develop WordPress sites. You would rather keep your head in the clouds and focus on designing, and need a trusty sidekick to bring the sites you design to life in the online space.

Creative Online
Service Providers

You’ve built a business you’re proud of, but you don’t seem to have the free time you were hoping for when you left your corporate job. You know you can’t do everything all by yourself, and you’re looking for guidance and support to streamline your business and create a luxury experience for your clients.

Don't just take it from me!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and no. A typical website project takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks to complete. While the website design and website development are completed in just one or two days, the pre-work and post-work required to gather information, revise and launch take a little longer.

When you invest in Design Days for your website you can expect to have your new site launched within 2 weeks of your final Design Day.

All Custom Website Builds require a minimum of two Design Days, and websites with advanced functionality (store, membership, courses) will require additional Design Days.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that most designers are offering you a specific set of hours, not a specific set of deliverables in their VIP Days.

When you and I work together, you can rest assured that I won’t leave you with half a website, just because our time is up.

I always give a clear estimate of the time it will take me to build any given site. For example, I can build a site from one of my internal templates in one day, and custom sites take a minimum of two Design Days. Advanced functionality will add more Design Days to any project.

By choosing to work with Wandersoul you will receive a website that’s ready to launch, not just 7-14 hours of my dedicated time.

Plus, your website will be built with client experience in mind, and I’ll help you pull together all the pieces you need including strategy, photography, copy, branding, and all the other assets necessary for a full website build.

I’ll be honest, this is a loaded question with a lot of possible answers. WordPress is intimidating, but Wandersoul Co is dedicated to making it simple and approachable for small business owners.

This means supporting you in making the right choices for the foundation of your new website, which includes guidance on purchasing your domain and hosting your site.

It also means that I use Elementor Pro, a page builder that I’m confident I can teach anyone to use.

I also offer custom support for every project I work on — including custom tutorial videos for the tasks you’ll want to accomplish most often on your website.

And I would never build you a website and leave you hanging — every project comes with 30 days of email support, and I offer on-going hosting and maintenance for clients who never want to touch their website themselves.

I call my focused intensive “Design Days” because using the term “VIP Day” implies that a. some clients are treated better than others and b. that there is a non-VIP way to contract Wandersoul Co for services, and neither of those implications is true in my business.

I want all of my clients to receive the same focused care and attention, which is why I’m moving toward a world in which *all* work happens in Design Days, and no projects linger or drag on for weeks or months at a time.

This is beneficial to you as my client because you’ll know that when I’m working on your project, that’s all I’m working on, and my mind isn’t otherwise occupied.

This means that I’m phasing out all potential “non VIP” services — by taking a step back from hourly work, or work that drags on for way too long.

When you work with Wandersoul Co, you’ll feel like the rockstar you are when our Design Days are finished, and you’ll be the MVP of our work together, no matter what.

This is such a great question I wrote a blog post all about the importance of professional web design services for small businesses like yours.

Check it out: The Importance of Professional Web Design Services

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