Wandersoul Co.

I was born with a softball glove on my hand and a sparkle in my eye. Okay, neither of those is true. Well, maybe I did have a sparkle in my eye – part mischief, part magic & part wandering soul ready to take on the world.

I grew up in the 90s, just as all this internet stuff was getting started, and I coded my first blog posts on Kiwibox (eek! Please don’t look that up!) back around 2003. Around that time I was also making up non-profit organizations to “Save the Lizards” from hurricanes, so needless to say I didn’t think I was forming the foundations for my future career. I like to think I’m still just as quirky today as I was back then, designing websites by day and trying to save the world in every spare minute I have.

Some of my more formidable years were spent on the softball field, and I can attest to the fact that I learned my punctuality, persistence, confidence, and determination on that red dirt. Around the same time I was learning how much I truly love to travel – 5am mornings hopping in the car to the tournament destination of the weekend is still one of my favorite memories from growing up.

I’m never late. I never turn down an adventure. I always solve the problem.

Since those 5am mornings and long afternoons on the softball field I have done or accomplished all of the following, in no particular order:

Matriculated Amherst College
❃ Driven Cross Country Four Times
❃ Worked in Yellowstone National Park
❃ Worked in Glacier National Park
❃ Lived Three Blocks off the Ocean
❃ Lived in the Florida Keys
❃ Climbed Mount Washington
❃ Studied abroad in Rome & Milan
❃ Survived the deaths of my father & brother

❃ Exited an abusive relationship
❃ Moved more times than I can count
❃ Succeeded at Long Distance Friendships
❃ Read Harry Potter more than seven times
❃ Spoken up for the things I believe in
❃ Gone Sky diving
❃ Jumped off a 70 foot cliff
❃ Bought a Van to live in
❃ Learned Italian, French, Spanish & some Portuguese

In and around all those escapades, I enhanced my skills as a rockstar client relations associate and manager in some of the most beautiful locations our country has to offer. Working with high-end clientele from around the world I have developed authentic and long-lasting relationships with a diverse array of people.

Now I use all of the skills I have honed over the years to bring affordable, secure and responsive self-hosted websites to you.

The sky is the limit for unique and customizable websites using WordPress.org and the Elementor Page builder. I strive to create a collaborative experience with my clients, so they feel heard and seen, and comfortable asking for revisions and clarification along the way.

I’m passionate about finding tech solutions for your everyday problems. A website that works for you is just the beginning. Ask me how we can get started today!

Welcome to Wandersoul.

May we inspire each other along the way.