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30 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

I turned 30 this week and I’m celebrating by sharing tips and tricks in batches of 30.

Today, I’m sharing 30 ways to drive traffic to your website.

1. Keyword research
2. Educational content
3. Video tutorials
4. Blog posts
5. post articles you’ve written
6. back link from other OSPs you’ve worked with
7. Sharing in Facebook groups
8. Having an engaged email list
9. Posting to Pinterest
10. Posting the same post to Pinterest, twice more with different Pins
11. Keep Google happy:
12. Have a site map
13. Use – instead of _ in your URLs
14. Secure your site 🔏
15. Start a podcast
16. Start a youtube channel
17. Start a facebook page
18. Word of mouth referrals
19. Paid referrals
20. Start a facebook group
21. Write guest posts on other sites
22. Create linkable content
23. Answer questions people ask
24. Pay attention to on-page SEO
25. Write irresistible headlines
26. Add new content daily
27. Create a quiz with sharable results
28. Host a contest
29. Host a giveaway
30. Add social share buttons to all your content

Tell me — which ones are you already implementing?

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