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I’m an Online Business Manager here to dial in the behind the scenes details of boutique client experience so you can take back your time, focus on the activities that make your heart sing and create a flourishing business that nurtures your clients + makes you money while you sleep.

Client Experience Management isn’t just real time client support, it’s everything in the background that helps your clients find your service, learn more about it, purchase it and use it. This includes everything from the design + navigability of your website, your purchasing process, your email (welcome, nurturing + sales) campaigns, your SOPs, deliverables, and configuring your project management and client relationship management tools (which looks like a lot of admin work up front).

At Wandersoul Collaborations we empower soulful and spiritual entrepreneurs to embrace their magic, by dialing in the behind-the-scenes details of luxury client experience + relationship management. You get to have big dreams + lofty goals and I act as the filter to provide actionable steps and processes to turn your goals into reality + move the needle forward in your business.

Our services take the guess-work out of client support, web design and tech solutions so your business drives results online. You’ll be the creative muse, while eliminating the extra work from your plate + we’ll make your dreamy ideas come to life.

Collaboration. Adventure. Resourcefulness.

Together we can do better + there is room for all of us to thrive..
An adventure is the best inspiration.
Solutions exist for every problem.

You’re a dreamer and you have *big* ideas, lots of them in fact, and you want the ball rolling on all of them, ‘like, yesterday please’. You’re creative and inspired, you love experiencing new things, and you really, really don’t have time for all this tech.

Wandersoul is here to free up your time so that you can be working on the parts of your business you love, or off enjoying a cup of coffee in the mountains or surfing a wave on the coast, knowing that your business operations are automated and running smoothly while you’re away from your desk.

You are a creative entrepreneur, dreaming business owner or overall adventurous human being who needs a stunning done-for-you website which evokes inspiration in your clients, makes your brand recognizable and increases lead generation.

I can help with that.

client experience management

Hey! I'm Christina

I'm so glad you're here!

I’m here to empower you, (yes you!) to embrace your badass-ery to create the business you’ve been dreaming of that drives results online, nurtures your clients so they’re never left wondering what comes next, and makes money for you while you sleep.

Thanks for joining the adventure.
You'll never be bored around here.

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