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I've Gotta Ask...

Does your website work the way you need it to?

I’m talking, copy that oozes with your personality, images that help your ideal clients see themselves in your services, clear calls to action (aka buttons) that convince your visitors to book with you, and an overall vibe that builds a luxe client experience from the moment someone lands on your website?

Girl, is your website doing all of that?

You can be honest – I don’t judge!

What I do, do (yes, you can giggle, I just typed do-do in real website copy) is engineer websites that have all of the above plus things like:

  • a blog post content vault
  • a custom booking or purchasing experience for your website visitors
  • a welcome sequence that entices subscribers to sign up for your most popular offer(s).

Cue your thought: “wow Christina, that’s so much more than web design…

Spot on 👏my background in luxury client experience gives me the right perspective to build an ~*eXpeRienCe*~ out of your website – helping your potential clients get to know, like and trust you, and be drawn deeper into the brand universe you’re creating with each click of the mouse.

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The main feeling you associate with your website doesn't have to be "headache"

Let’s face it, who hasn’t wanted to chuck their latop out the window after the umpteenth time “one little change” broke the whole flippin’ website?

I’m Christina Marie Anderson, the owner here at Wandersoul Co, and I’m here to make sure you never feel that urge again by building a website that not only looks fabulous but works tirelessly to support your most popular offers and scales your impact.

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By the time we’re done building your new website, you’re going to be wondering how in the world I got to know you and to understand your business ideas so d*mn quickly, and you might even shed a few tears at how your awesome new online home captures you and your work so perfectly.

Whether you are an industry leader or an aspiring entrepreneur, my simple and strategic website-building process is designed to capture your voice, personality, and expertise – giving your audience all the information they need to become your next favorite client.

“Hey Christina, I’m ready to...



Your website is not working as well as you need it to, and you’re losing out on money every day you wait to set up passive income streams, but you just can’t seem to muster the energy to tackle another website yourself. It’s time to work with an expert who makes building your next website a fun, easy and stress-free experience, and creates the marketing machine you need to grow your business.

You need an Impactful Website

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You’re hosting a summit, throwing a retreat, building a course, or otherwise bringing together a panel of experts to talk to your community of female service providers — and you’d like to add a web designer to the schedule. I’m looking for opportunities to connect with you and your audience, offer web design master classes, audit student websites, and bring my expertise to the people you serve.

You need an experienced guest expert.

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You’re tired of building unstable Elementor websites, and your whole website-building process could use a bit of an overhaul. You never find the time to work on your own business, and you need actionable processes to help you finally create an enjoyable and streamlined experience for your clients. I’ve created digital products sharing all my website building + client experience secrets.


I don’t just have clients, I have fans (and friends!)

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“Just” a website is not enough.

Sure, when you were doing predominantly 1:1 work, and your business was based on referrals, having a simple website did the trick.

But now that you’re trying to scale your business and take your knowledge and expertise to a larger audience, you need a website that doesn’t just provide information, but one that engages, nurtures and converts the audience you’ve already built into paying customers.

Check out these other females who are experts at their craft, who’ve taken the plunge on updating their website, so they can take their business to the next level.

Simple, boring websites are a thing of the past.

You deserve a strategically planned, designed + developed marketing machine that’s absolutely packed full of your personality and expertise, and works hard so you don’t have to.

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Patience Leads to Improved Website Strategy for Erin Neuhardt

Streamlined Automations to Reach More Students for MyRDguide

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