How can we collaborate today?

Hi! I'm Christina..

And I’m a client experience expert here to help your business flourish! I take pride in helping entrepreneurs fine-tune their business’ own unique client experience, to create strong and authentic connections which turn into a lifetime of loyalty from returning customers.

You are.. need of someone who is as passionate about your business as you are. You are looking for a right hand woman to bounce ideas off of and finish up the tasks you just can’t seem to get to.
You crave real and authentic relationships with your customers. You want to make an impact on the lives of others.

I am..

..a rock star guest relations associate with ten years of experience building authentic connections with clients around the globe. I am a passionate traveler who brings a broad and cultured perspective to each of the client experiences I build. I am a dedicated yogi, using my meditative practice to bring focus and dedication to each task I set my hands on.

I can help with..

From branding, to web design, to customer service.
Social media, content creation and marketing. 
Client on-boarding, inbox management and work flow.
Each of these affects the way your client interacts with your company, and t
ogether we will put together a custom package built directly for your needs in one of three specific areas:


The packages I build with my clients are as unique as each of the individual businesses I service. My goal is to find the perfect client experience wherever you are in the process of building your business, no matter your budget and no matter how few or how many clients you have active on your roster. We will work together to find simple or automated solutions for the tasks you just can’t seem to wrangle in each week, and we’ll free up time for you to spend doing exactly what you set out to do when you built your business — sell your product or service with confidence, knowing your clients will want to return again and again.

✔Do you need to build your business from the ground up?

✔Is your business ready to break out and shine?

✔Are you already in the flow and ready to hand off the boring tasks??