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Center your soulful business

Center your soulful business

web design and tech VA services

Hi, I'm Christina.

I’m an Online Business Manager here to dial in the behind the scenes details of client experience and relationship management so you can take back your time, focus on the activities that make your heart sing and create a flourishing business that nurtures your clients without you lifting a finger! At Wandersoul Collaborations we empower soulful and spiritual entrepreneurs to embrace their magic, by dialing in the behind-the-scenes details of web design, maintenance & client experience. As a result, you will have confidence your website will really *wow* your clients, and keep them returning to your site again and again.

Our services take the guess-work out of customer service, web design and tech solutions so your business shines on the web. You’ll be the creative muse, while eliminating the extra work from your plate.

Collaboration. Adventure. Resourcefulness. Community.

Together we can do better.
An adventure is the best inspiration.
Solutions exist for every problem.
There is room for all of us to thrive.

You’re a dreamer and you have *big* ideas, lots of them in fact, and you want the ball rolling on all of them, ‘like, yesterday please’. You’re creative and inspired, you love experiencing new things, and you really, really don’t have time for all this tech.

Wandersoul is here to free up your time so that you can be working on the parts of your business you love, or off enjoying a cup of coffee in the mountains or surfing a wave on the coast, knowing that your business operations are automated and running smoothly while you’re away from your desk.

You are a creative entrepreneur, dreaming business owner or overall adventurous human being who needs a stunning done-for-you website which evokes inspiration in your clients, makes your brand recognizable and increases lead generation.

We can help with that.

Let's Collaborate Today

Let's Collaborate Today

Using your brand’s individual aesthetic and your business’s vision we design unique, responsive, secure websites with a flair for the bold, creative and adventurous.

Tapping into the robust power of WordPress.org and the Elementor Page Builder, the sky is the limit as we design the website you’ve been dreaming of. Get started with web design or tech VA services today!

Web Design & Online Business Manager Services

To optimize your website & client experience.

To optimize your website & client experience.

To optimize your website & client experience.

Building brand recognition across platforms.

Custom tech solutions and support.

Are you ready to enhance your client experience with a streamlined web design and tech VA services?

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